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Aerospace Components
Services: microelectronic packaging, integrated circuit packaging, IC packaging,Hi-Rel, die attach, wire bonding, mil std 883, hermetic, class S, class B, multi chip modules, MCM, MCM-C,MCM-H, MCM-L, MCM-D, surface mount modules, hybrids, mil-spec testing, memory modules, military, burn-in testing, ISO 9000,chip, microchip, custom package design, environmental screening,obsolete microcircuits

SAC-TEC provides unique metal or ceramic housings to meet each customer's mechanical, thermal, or power handling needs. SAC-TEC offers both standard or customized process flows tailored to the Hi-Rel applications of our customers. When time is of the essence, SAC-TEC has rescued projects from late delivery by exercising emergency product builds. A component which may take up to 50 weeks to finally ship from major semiconductor OEMs can normally be delivered from SAC-TEC in 20 weeks or less. SAC-TEC has, under severe conditions, delivered a Class S product in 7 weeks.


SAC-TEC Offers:

  • Hi-Rel Aerospace and Special Industrial packaging
  • Smaller footprints
  • Standard and Custom Hermetic Package Design
  • Power Packages, Metal Seam, Chip-On-Board, Ceramic
  • Monolithic, Hybrid and MCM Assemblies
  • Better thermal characteristics
  • Epoxy, Eutectic, Thermoplastic and Silver Glass Die Attach
  • Improved electrical characteristics
  • Gold and Aluminum Wire Bond 0.7 to 20 Mil
  • Full electrical evaluation (Group A)
  • Destructive Physical Analysis (Group B)
  • 1000 hour life tests (Group C)
  • Package integrity testing (Group D)
  • Process Screens to Method 5004 and 5005
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