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Electrical Testing

Environmental Testing

Design Engineering

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Other Services


Other Services

Wafer Handling

  • Wafer Probing for "special" electrical selections
  • Wafer Lot Acceptance, Method 5007
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Visual Inspection

  • Mil-Std-883, Method 2010, conditions A and B
  • Mil-Std-750, Methods 2072 and 2073

Lot Acceptance Testing

  • Element Evaluation, Method 5008, Class S and B
  • Bondability Tests, Die Shear and Wire Pull
  • Data Attributes, Variables and Delta Analysis
  • Variations per customer specifications

Prom and Pal Programming

  • Pattern and Vector Generation.
  • Learned Algorithm and Pattern Sensitivities
  • Pattern Burn-in and Identification

Customized Services

  • Parametric Selection, Method 5001 and 5002
  • Wafer Mapping
  • Pairs, Sets and Parametric "Cherry" Matching
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